Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday afternoon's class went well.

Today's class was exhausting. 8 kids who loved the dolly-peg angels but also wanted to make the alternate project as well !! We had several male angels with very dark coloured robes (not dresses, they're for GIRLS!) and short styled hair. They had green and red glitter sticks for their wings, and everyone did a pretty good job. Next time, I'll take craft glue in SMALL bottles which run easily and don't need the nozzle to be unclogged every 5 minutes. Perhaps I can buy some small squeeze bottles and decant the glue so each person has their own. We don't use it very often, after all it is a stitching group, but this was meant to be a quick, easy session. The second project was a little lolly bag made from a felt covered carboard cone, decorated to look like a reindeer. It had little brown ears, and white antlers, goggle eyes and a glitter pom-pom for the nose. The handle was from the same dark brown felt as the body. The only stitching was down the centre back to re-inforce the glued seam, and a couple of running stitches to hold 2 layers of felt together on the antlers to give them a bit of body. They were cute as well, and took about 25 minutes to make including waiting in line for the dreaded glue bottles. I have promised a craft project for the Christmas party day as well, it will have to be a really easy one with NO GLUE. (can you guess I spent 15 minutes cleaning glue off tables and brushes and myself at the end of the session?)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Dolly peg angels for the kids' group

This weekend at my children's group we are making some cute angel decorations. It is inspired by a recent magazine project but I've changed it quite a lot to suit the children's skill level. We will paint the peg first, then they have panties made from strips of cloth wrapped baby-nappy style and glued on. The skirt is just a rectangle, fringed with pinking shears and gathered down from the top. There are arms from a strip of fabric knotted in the middle, a collar of gathered lace and plaited yarn hair wound around the head. The wings are glitter pipecleaners and circle the waist before forming the wings. A simple face and a loop for hanging on the back completes them. I will also have an even simpler project on hand for the littlies or anyone who doesn't want to make a "girlie" thing . I'll post that one up when I've made my sample. Hope they like them!!