Saturday, April 06, 2013

Autumn update

Further to my last post, our Intermediate Historical and Contemporary Embroidery coursework was displayed for the month of February at the Embroiderers' Guild NSW and was very well received. I was awarded a Distinction for my efforts, and all participants gained a Credit award or better. I received so many comments about my work, how interesting and emotive it was to the visitors etc. that my head got quite swelled LOL No sooner was that work taken down than I had another paid job to begin, 10 costumes for NSW convicts to wear while commemorating the bicentennial of the first "white" crossing of the Blue Mountains in 1813. So I've been helping plan my youngest daughter's wedding for May, while sourcing suitable fabric, cutting out and sewing up 10 colonial style shirts and 5 punishment trousers with side buttons and 5 regular drawstring trousers. With limited measurements supplied from the actors I have all my fingers crossed that my approximations are going to fit. I also commissioned some hand knitted natural hand spun woollen caps from the Kurrajong Spinners and Weavers so only had to make one myself. Now to distress the clothes a little and stamp them with the "broad arrow" in a few places. Photos to follow. All of this was completed this year after successful Carpal Tunnel surgery on my right hand on January 15th. I've been taking it fairly slowly and not straining the wrist, so far so good. Left hand next, but not so urgent. And my granny daycare commitments continue, at the moment twice a week while the other grandmother is overseas. It's been quite interesting entertaining a four year old (going on 14) girl and a nearly 15 months old boy, I'm really out of practice LOL Wouldn't miss the experience for the world though.