Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Prodigal Blogger

I was trying to find photos of something I posted a few years ago, then remembered they were here somewhere. Amazing how you forget things in the blur of everyday life isn't it ? Scrolling back through my old posts made me realise that I'd been absent for such a long time from my Journal. I guess more instantaneous gratification is the norm these days, and I now use another online forum as do most of my friends. But putting your thoughts into words and preserving them, even if just for an insight into your feelings at a particular time, is very cathartic. I've been volunteering for a baby bereavement charity now for over 3 years, and taken an admin / executive role for most of that time. The AGM is approaching in a couple of months so once again time to evaluate and decide if I want to take a step back from the admin side and concentrate on the basics of the organisation. Angel Gowns Australia provides burial garments to families at no charge, made from donated wedding dresses. We were the first such organisation in Australia and I messaged about joining the group on the first night it was announced on social media. Never one to do anything by halves, within 6 months I was in boots and all, helping to design and draft customised patterns for our Angel Gown garments, and helping to write directions and guidelines on the best way to make them to our unique styling and all that involved. Currently I'm the national Secretary as well, so a pretty busy girl these days. Not much time for sewing the garments though, and it's only just recently I've been able to spend more than a couple of hours at a time at the sewing machine. My hands have been affected quite a lot with chemo treatment after my bowel cancer in 2013 and the fine motor control is sometimes not so good.
I've been working casually some evenings teaching basic dressmaking classes at the Parramatta College, our local community college. Some nights I have trouble picking up pins, the students have to pin their work for me to demonstrate. I've also been teaching some basic workshops in crochet and knitting, and that has helped I think to improve my hands quite a bit. Hopefully the altered sensation in my feet will also improve, that has been a lot slower unfortunately. The grandkids are all growing up way too fast, Riley and Amelie are 8, Aiden and Seth are both 5 and at school this year, and baby Ben is 4 in September. Miss Zoe his little sister will be 3 in December but seems much older as everything Bennie does she does too LOL Nan is certainly kept on her toes when she babysits for them every fortnight during school terms that's for sure.