Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hexagon Hussif Part 2

Here is the outside of the hussif, with a finger crocheted loop and button closure.
Fogot to say that the straight side of each hexagon measures 3", and that the "diameter" point to point across the middle is 6" and so that makes it a 6" hexagon.

Hexagon Hussif

Today was the last day for this year at my EG local group, and I took along the makings and directions for this hussif. A friend at our patchwork group had the original concept, but I have modified it. There is pellon sandwiched between the inner and outer hexagons and the outer layer wraps around to "bind" the smaller inside one. I inserted shaped felt needle leaves between the first two "pages" and there is a small pocket between the 2nd and 3rd page which is unfortunately not large enough for needle packets but will fit embroidery scissors and a rotary tape measure. A most useful "housewife" indeed !! Only one more party to attend, although the way I feel right now after a full day down at Linnwood again, I might just give my apologies. Although.....they do serve some really nice finger food at that restaurant venue.... and everyone knows I LOVE my food. Do you ever wonder why there are no photos of me anywhere on the net? You'd be able to tell how much I love my food!!! Our Secret Santa exchange went really well today too, I got a handmade dilly bag for shopping and CHOCOLATES. See they know me really well (and I did hint at what I'd like at the last meeting too, VBG) The miniature tote bag was very much appreciated by the receiver, and they all thought I was a bit mad when they saw the size of the stitches on it. I think I'll need to make another for myself now.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Holiday Projects

Isn't it funny how Christmas time brings family memories flooding back? I remember how excited my own 4 littlies used to get at this time of year, "How long till Christmas, Mum?" and trying to buy or make the perfect gifts for each of them. One year I made a full doll's cot set for one of the older girls, little quilted blanket (my first attempt at quilting) and pillow and lacy skirt for the cot and all. We still have the cot in the shed, and I found the little quilt the other day in the linen cupboard while putting things away. Over the years I made lacy potpouri pillows for my aunties, homemade lollies, and lots of other things too numerous to mention. There is one WIP gift that my mother keeps reminding me about. I bought her a kit at a craft show when my step father first took ill, thinking she could relax and stitch. It is a coloured candlewicked dresden plate design pillow, quite nice really, but she thought I should do it for her as she couldn't concentrate well. That was 5 years ago. It is still unfinished. My WIP list is 3 pages long you know. I suppose I should get to it fairly soon though, mum isn't getting any younger and I'm sure she would like to see it finished. So would I, so I've moved it higher on the list of to-dos this holidays. I've also bought some fabric and some thread suggestions for an online Round Robin Band Challenge , the first band stitched is due in February so that is also on the list. The fabric is 25 count Lugarna, and these are some of my favourite colours at the moment.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It can't be December already!

Such a busy time. Parties and gatherings every couple of days, much too much eating and drinking taking place. At least my kids' group had a nice party day, a simple felt Christmas project then we all shared afternoon tea. I put up some decorations in the hall, and asked the kids to all help decorate a little tree. Christmas is not so magical without little ones in the home, so I really enjoy my kids at embroidery group at this time of year. On Monday I had to take a "bag challenge" project to my patchwork group Christmas party. As usual, I had procrastinated over design and fabric for so long that time had beaten me, so on Sunday night I decided to whip up this little miniature tote which will do double duty as a Secret Santa gift for a fellow miniature enthusiast. It measures 1 3/4 inches x 1 1/4 inches, is made of homespun and decorated with some canibalised suffolk puffs
(yo yos) from my mini quilt project. The straight sewing is over 3 or so threads of the fabric (thank goodness for good magnifying glasses) and took about 4 hours to make. Yes, in that time I could have sewn a full size bag by machine I hear you say, but would I have had so much fun ??
This week I have also attended the end of season show for the Dancing Studio I sometimes work for, got a credit in the programme and all. There is a certain amount of satisfaction in seeing your creations on the stage, even if some of the costumes weren't worn correctly !! This weekend we have Open House day at Linnwood, and I have spent several days helping set up an exhibition of all our donations received in the last 4 years. We have some quite delightful groupings of items, clothing and accessories, kitchenalia, war momentos, tools, lighting, handcrafts and laundry items just to name a few. I'll try to get a couple of photos to post on Sunday.