Friday, September 29, 2006

Introducing Linnwood

Here is the Grand Old Lady herself, built in 1891 at Guildford, NSW near Parramatta. Prominent architect George McCredie, his wife and 9 children (and probably several household staff I shouldn't wonder) lived here for 12 years before he died, then Susan and her surviving 8 children stayed on till 1912 or so. More reading at Still sitting on nearly 12 acres of park-like land, owned by the citizens of NSW through the Heritage Office.
Here are some photos of the front verandah of an historic house I'm involved with in my area. I've always thought that it looks like someone threw a beautiful quilte down on the verandah. The tiles are from Stoke on Trent in England, and date from 1891. Inspiration for needle lace motifs as well?


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My children's workshop was successful though only 4 attended, but such enthusiasm! The little girls all left with a woven patch for their library bag or cushion, and I gave out information about my regular group to them. Then came my daughter's 21st party at home, thankfully the last one. 40 people for tea, then more arrived for speeches and drinks afterwards. Her friends did a clean up before they left (saving the oldies from the job the next day). At least I shouldn't have to do too much preparation for a family Christmas at our place, having spend the last month spring cleaning for the big party !! Just have to finish a couple of sewing jobs for customers, including a Santa suit for a country town services club. And decide if I'm going to make any Christmas gifts this year, haven't done that for ages, but feeling inspired by all the great Christmas ideas in the craft magazines around at the moment. Hands and neck permitting, doing some patchwork piecing tonight !

Friday, September 15, 2006

Today has been very tiring, with lots of cleaning and sorting of accumulated "junk" being done in preparation for my youngest daughter's 21st party at home next weekend. Didn't realise just how much we hoard as a family. Feels good to Spring clean, and I've even bought large square bins with lids to finish tidying the work room, so no excuses for not knowing where any fabric, threads and tools are from now on !! Tomorrow I will be doing part 2 of a class at my EG local group, then on Sunday teaching a kid's workshop (only about 6 coming) at a local exhibition. Here is the sample of the project they will be doing.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I am also a member of the Australian Lace Guild, NSW Branch. I've attended several Lace Days at an historic house nearby, I happen to be a committee member of the Friends group and I open up the house for them as well. To date I haven't attempted bobbin lace making, but I have taken several classes and workshops in needlelace and Aemelia Ars style motifs. I actually learned this pattern at the EG as the tutor was giving a workshop there also. She very generously helped me through a few hiccups at the following Lace Day, thanks Margaret S. I was very happy to complete my very first piece of Aemelia Ars style and once I felt confident I added to the pattern a little. The thread is size 80 Dentelles in ecru. I've also started a pink piece, not sure about that!

Stumpwork elephant comprising graduated felt shapes padding under felt body, appliqued to brown velvet background. Embellished with beads, buttonhole stitch over rubber washer on gold net fabric over silk fabric "blanket", needlelace "skull cap" on head, tusk of thread wound card attached on one end only. Worked at Summer School class at Embroiderers' Guild NSW 2 years ago. Yet to be properly framed, still in hoop!

More examples of my work.
Needleweaving on gold painted canvas background representing a forest glade, with eyelet fungi and overhead branches. Silk chiffon inserted into background, titled "Where is Mr Frodo?" and framed in a gilt plaster frame that I've had for ages, it just suited the work. Completed for an intermediate level course at Embroiderers' Guild NSW.

Here is the first photo of embroidered projects I've finished in the last few years. There are many more WIP's (formerly known as UFO's)
The first is an embellished background exercise, comprising silk "patches" attached to a background then embellished with crossed stitches and sequins. Can you tell my favourite colourscheme is mauves and purples :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Introducing me!

I've been reading other people's blogs and enjoying them so I thought I might try one of my very own. Here I hope to record my thoughts and progress on embroidery, lace making and costume making, my main interests at the moment. I might also throw in a few tidbits about the rest of my life, just to keep things real. Thanks to Jenny B for encouraging me and telling me how to get started on this little journey. More to follow...