Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

My 2 Aussie santa figurines enjoying some sun in the yard

Well here it is New Year's Eve already, where did 2010 go? We had a relatively quiet Christmas here. Hubby had another back surgery on December 6th and in time we hope to see some improvement with feeling in his feet after the nerves in his lower back have de-compressed a little more. We didn't attend many parties pre-Christmas as he's been either lying or standing to rest his back since the op. Christmas is all about families for me at any rate, so I looked forward to seeing the grandkids faces when they opened their gifts and I wasn't dissappointed. Amelie liked her FP dolls house and Riley loved his FP ride on digger/trencher that Nan bought. I was still sewing 3 organza and net fairy skirts for children's gifts till 10 pm on Christmas Eve, but luckily my usual order for new dresses for Christmas for an old friend is postponed for a few weeks.

The weather in December was alternating rain and hot days, so we've been literally watching the grass grow in the yard and have engaged a regular "mowing man" now to save hubby's back. One hot day I gave Miss Amelie some red, yellow and green paint and a brush and set her up under the beach umbrella in the back yard. Mum bought her a paper mache reindeer, and she decorated it with much enthusiasm, not sure if she has talent for art yet though, VBG.

My santa figurine collection went on display in early December, and I'm sure they're breeding in the dark cupboard, LOL. I counted 75 all up, and they're certainly impressive displayed on the entertainment unit and sideboard. Only problem is, they all should come down on 12th night, or is that just the Christmas tree? Ours wasn't put up this year, but I think the house looked festive with the Santas and Christmas cards on display anyway.

Just a few of the santas on display

I'm not looking forward to packing all the Santas away, they're so cheery and I look forward to putting them up in a new way each year. I'm also in the middle of a carpet beetle and possible flee infestation in the house, so am busily vacuuming behind furniture, along skirting boards and putting down surface spray as I go along. I think I can blame the Sydney weather, or perhaps it's just my poor housekeeping skills, creativity keeps one very busy you know, LOL.