Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another lovely blog to visit

Image from Dover Books samplers

There are lots and lots of textile blogs out there, just waiting to inspire us all. Some have fabulous work to showcase, some also share a little about themselves (or a lot) and a few do all of the above. One of my favourites is Pam Kellogg's "Kitty and Me Designs". Pam specialises in Crazy Patchwork but also does paper art. Such a lovely lady, great work to inspire you and insights into her life to inform and inspire as well. At the moment she has a lucky draw for a mini art quilt which is well worth winning. Pop in and have a look and scroll through some past posts while your there, you certainly won't be dissappointed in this blog.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A new blog is born

My shingles are almost healed thankfully. This quiet time has given me pause to consider my future and I have a few decisions to make about courses to take and my direction for the next couple of years. Nothing too drastic, but I've been coasting along for a while now and feel it's time to focus on some personal goals.

One decision made already is to start a new blog dedicated entirely to my passion for historic costume. I have a small collection of antique underwear, some babies wear and other interesting costume accessories. In the past I made theatrical costumes and in the last few years have found myself concentrating on historical reproduction sewing, so those interests will be explored further on the new blog which I've called Camisoles to Bustles. Hope you pop over an have a look? I'm progressively moving old posts from my costuming blog Lady Janes Wardrobe and that will now concentrate on other types of costume sewing.