Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Trip to Canberra to see Ballets Russes costumes

Photo from National Gallery website, see below

I've decided to take matters into my own hands and have arranged a trip in 2 weeks to Canberra on the train to see the Ballets Russes costumes at the National Gallery of Australia. I had been hoping to go during the holidays with my husband, but alas the result from his recent back surgery hasn't been all we had hoped for and he's not up to the 4 1/2 hour trip. So I'm hoping to meet my friend Doreen of Creative Meanderings and see the exhibition with her. I always think it's much more meaningful to go with a fellow enthusiast to an exhibition, don't you?

Hot, hot, hot !

Sydneysiders trying to cool down on Bondi beach - photo by Brett Parkes, Tourism Australia

The weather here in Sydney at the moment is just terrible! Too hot to do anything except sit in the coolest rooms in the house and complain that it's too HOT to go out. Seriously it's been 41 degrees C (thats 105 degrees F) today, it was nearly as hot yesterday and will be around this temperature till Sunday. Nighttime temps. are hovering around the 20 degrees mark outside, but the indoors don't get a chance to cool down much before the next hot day comes along. Sleeping is optional. I've been gathering all the materials for a few small stitching projects in the cool room and have finished a few this week. As soon as it cools down enough, I'll share some photos !!