Friday, November 26, 2010

2011 Bead Journal Project

Fabulous work from the Bead Journal Project 2010 by Karen L. Cohen, see more here

Some people may remember that my key word for 2010 was "Focus"... Well I DID manage to focus on family quite a bit but I had hoped to spend more time focussing on my stitching, LOL. So in an effort to challenge me to find "even more focus" in 2011 I've signed up for the 2011 Bead Journal Project after seeing it at one of the many blogs I visit recently. Here is one of the 3 blogs created for the 2010 Bead Journal Project to inspire us all. Registration ends on Wednesday 8th December (US time) so nip over if you'd like to join me. The rules are pretty flexible but I'm hoping to be really disciplined. I've been really enjoying beading my ATC swaps lately and also doing a little beading with the kids at the YTFG stitching classes at the Embroiderers' Guild. I've collected quite a few different kinds of beads and I'm sure will collect even more !
This project should mesh quite well with the Intermediate Contemporary and Historical Embroidery course I'm going to be doing in 2011 and 2012 with the Embroiderers' Guild NSW. I might even decide to do my Major Work in beaded embroidery !

Crazypatch mini quilt

Block pieced and ready to embellish

Completed quilt

I've long admired people such as Sharon B, Allison Aller and Pam Kellogg who do fabulous embellished crazy patchwork. I've always considered myself a passable embroiderer and I used to be a quick learner. However, my latest attempt at a simple mini quilt in crazy patchwork for an online swap hasn't exactly been a fabulous success. Our brief was to use 4 or 5 green fabrics and at least 2 different embroidery stitches to make a little 8 inch x 10 inch quilt to be sent by the end of November. I DID mail it yesterday, but I hope my swap partner is kind when she sees it !! I'd be grateful for any constructive criticism or suggestions to improve it. I could have kept going with a lot more embellishment but really I didn't have a lot of green things to hand and didn't have the time or energy to go shopping. I'm even doing online grocery shopping lately. It costs the same as home delivery (I'm a non-driver) and is delivered inside my front door and I'm spending less as there isn't the impulse buying that usually goes with pushing a trolley around the physical supermarket aisles !

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A family wedding 6th November 2010

The family wedding was a very simple but elegant event. The Bride (my eldest daughter) organised nearly everything herself from handmade invitations and placecards to bomboniere tags. Table decorations and flowers, hairdresser and makeup artist were booked online. It's certainly less expensive although I'm not so sure it was less stressful for her (or me either!) The small bridal group travelled in a black stretch limousine booked by her Dad about 6 weeks out from the date rather than use borrowed transport as she lives quite a distance from the wedding venue at a modern Italian restaurant on the Parramatta River in Sydney.
Her oldest and dearest friend was Matron of Honour and there was no best man although the groom's cousin was his witness. My daughter-in-law made the beautiful wedding cake.

My other daughters read a wedding poem during the ceremony, my son was Master of Ceremonies / D.J. and the 2 little grandchildren were supposed to walk down the aisle at the ceremony. They rehearsed beautifully at home, but as the big moment approached it was obvious it just wasn't going to happen, so the Matron of Honour carried the little princess in and his dad carried my grandson in to meet his mummy in the second row.

The Bride wore a Carla Zampatti evening gown with small train in ivory taffeta, borrowed my grandmother's Art Deco Swarovski crystal jewellery and I made a mushroom pink silk rose for her waist and hair decoration.

I also made a second cocktail length dress for the first dance which had to be fetched by a relative after being left at home in the last minute rush !!

We spent the day dodging showers, but in the end the light was great.
Here's the whole family with their partners posing for the professional photographer outside the restaurant, looking forward to seeing her shots in due course.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A different kind of anniversary

Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of our house fire. The repairs have been finished for quite a while now. However lately I've found myself getting nervous at night again, and have begun sleeping with a night lite. Isn't that silly, but I guess it's a post traumatic stress reaction. As the weather gets warmer I sometimes need to sleep with an open window or the ceiling fan on over the bed. I'm such a light sleeper that any different noise, even an insect moving outside the window, can wake me with a fright. I dislike sleeping medications, so any suggestions about how to get to sleep and stay that way would be welcome !

The family wedding went very well, photos will follow soon, and the honeymoon couple plus one (grandaughter Miss Amelie) are in Fiji this week. I really miss having the baby around 2 days per week and can't wait for them to get back. I'm also going to put up my Christmas decorations before they return, I'm sure Amelie will really appreciate the 50 plus santa figures up on the entertainment unit !!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

And the winner is..

My apologies for not announcing the winner of my blogiversary / 200th post giveaway sooner. My oldest daughter is getting married this Saturday 6th November, and of course as I was a professional dressmaker she asked me to make her a second wedding dress for the wedding reception with about 6 weeeks notice. This would not normally be a problem for me, I've made lots in much shorter time frames, but I'm still recovering slowly from a shingles attack in late July and also looking after her daughter Miss Amelie (photo above)2 days per week. It didn't help either when some ongoing clients asked for urgent work in between. Finally we decided on a style together as she wanted something short and easily managed on the day rather than her long wedding gown, and we bought fabric and pattern. I made 2 cotton toiles of the bodice, made adjustments then finally cleared the decks and made the dress in 10 days. She took it home today, along with the bought wedding gown which of course I had to hem up since it was made for a giant !! After Saturday I'll be sure to add a couple of photos here.

So, after putting all commenters into a hat and adding followers.... the winner of mystery giveaway is....

KATE of Kalico Kate

Congratulations, I'll be in touch about getting your snail mail for a mailing soon.