Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Short and Sweet

It's late at night here and I have to admit I'm rather weary. This little treasure (holding a PS2 controller!) is one of the reasons, Miss Amelie stays with me now for 6 hours 2 days per week while her mum goes to work. At 10 1/2 months she's such a cutie, and just learning to commando crawl (that's using her forearms to drag herself along and pushing at the same time with her feet) Of course now you can't leave her to pop to the bathroom or out to the clothes line because she won't be in the same spot when you get back !! It's been so hot here the last few days, 2 days in a row of 40 C degrees plus so the air con has been running flat out. I'll need to work hard to offset the carbon emissions now, won't I?

I'm also very busy at present making costumes for the Dancing Studio end of year show, so this will have to be a short and sweet post for now. Hooroo !!