Thursday, July 05, 2012

Images of Mandy's Counted Thread band round robin

Here, finally, are photos of my work on Mandy's band. This band is one of 7 bands which have been working their way around the world for the past few years between an online group of stitching friends. I've had this band for WAY too long, but now it's finished and I've worked on 6 of the 7 bands (I think!) I was fortunate to find a V and A Museum book with line drawings of Elizabethan blackwork patterns in it, and have been able to fine one suitable to use on each of the bands. I had to graph them up, so that was a great learning curve for me. The design for this one is circa 1660, and I've continued the yellow and burgandy colours from previous bands. Hope Mandy, likes it, just waiting to hear if one other lady is able to work on it before it returns to England.