Friday, November 26, 2010

Crazypatch mini quilt

Block pieced and ready to embellish

Completed quilt

I've long admired people such as Sharon B, Allison Aller and Pam Kellogg who do fabulous embellished crazy patchwork. I've always considered myself a passable embroiderer and I used to be a quick learner. However, my latest attempt at a simple mini quilt in crazy patchwork for an online swap hasn't exactly been a fabulous success. Our brief was to use 4 or 5 green fabrics and at least 2 different embroidery stitches to make a little 8 inch x 10 inch quilt to be sent by the end of November. I DID mail it yesterday, but I hope my swap partner is kind when she sees it !! I'd be grateful for any constructive criticism or suggestions to improve it. I could have kept going with a lot more embellishment but really I didn't have a lot of green things to hand and didn't have the time or energy to go shopping. I'm even doing online grocery shopping lately. It costs the same as home delivery (I'm a non-driver) and is delivered inside my front door and I'm spending less as there isn't the impulse buying that usually goes with pushing a trolley around the physical supermarket aisles !

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