Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hot, hot, hot !

Sydneysiders trying to cool down on Bondi beach - photo by Brett Parkes, Tourism Australia

The weather here in Sydney at the moment is just terrible! Too hot to do anything except sit in the coolest rooms in the house and complain that it's too HOT to go out. Seriously it's been 41 degrees C (thats 105 degrees F) today, it was nearly as hot yesterday and will be around this temperature till Sunday. Nighttime temps. are hovering around the 20 degrees mark outside, but the indoors don't get a chance to cool down much before the next hot day comes along. Sleeping is optional. I've been gathering all the materials for a few small stitching projects in the cool room and have finished a few this week. As soon as it cools down enough, I'll share some photos !!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

and here we sit, waiting for a promised snowstorm to hit. Too bad we couldn't mix a little of your heat into our snow and share!!

Jenny said...

I'll swap you your overnight minimums for ours any day. We set a record minimum of 27C (81F) on Tuesday night & it was hot hot HOT!, even with air con on all night it was difficult to sleep. Wet T-shirts in front of fans work well. Stay cool.

karen said...

heat...cannot abide it. You have had it rough down there for a while now, hope things look up soon