Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My children's workshop was successful though only 4 attended, but such enthusiasm! The little girls all left with a woven patch for their library bag or cushion, and I gave out information about my regular group to them. Then came my daughter's 21st party at home, thankfully the last one. 40 people for tea, then more arrived for speeches and drinks afterwards. Her friends did a clean up before they left (saving the oldies from the job the next day). At least I shouldn't have to do too much preparation for a family Christmas at our place, having spend the last month spring cleaning for the big party !! Just have to finish a couple of sewing jobs for customers, including a Santa suit for a country town services club. And decide if I'm going to make any Christmas gifts this year, haven't done that for ages, but feeling inspired by all the great Christmas ideas in the craft magazines around at the moment. Hands and neck permitting, doing some patchwork piecing tonight !

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