Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hexagon Hussif

Today was the last day for this year at my EG local group, and I took along the makings and directions for this hussif. A friend at our patchwork group had the original concept, but I have modified it. There is pellon sandwiched between the inner and outer hexagons and the outer layer wraps around to "bind" the smaller inside one. I inserted shaped felt needle leaves between the first two "pages" and there is a small pocket between the 2nd and 3rd page which is unfortunately not large enough for needle packets but will fit embroidery scissors and a rotary tape measure. A most useful "housewife" indeed !! Only one more party to attend, although the way I feel right now after a full day down at Linnwood again, I might just give my apologies. Although.....they do serve some really nice finger food at that restaurant venue.... and everyone knows I LOVE my food. Do you ever wonder why there are no photos of me anywhere on the net? You'd be able to tell how much I love my food!!! Our Secret Santa exchange went really well today too, I got a handmade dilly bag for shopping and CHOCOLATES. See they know me really well (and I did hint at what I'd like at the last meeting too, VBG) The miniature tote bag was very much appreciated by the receiver, and they all thought I was a bit mad when they saw the size of the stitches on it. I think I'll need to make another for myself now.

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Lil said...

This is so cute! It can also be adapted to different shapes and sizes!

Thanks for sharing!