Monday, February 26, 2007

My Counted Thread Band Round Robin Round 2

Wow. Just found pictures uploaded of my band, and the next round of stitching has been completed.
Jenny B. from
has done a fabulous job as usual, adding wonderful texture via Withdrawn Thread work. There are 9 stitchers worldwide in the group, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what the other members are going to do on my band. Of course it also means I have to design 8 other rounds to go on their bands too!! Oh well, now that the son is safely and happily married off last weekend, I will have a ton of time on my hands, won't I?? Actually not that much. Between completing Sharon B.'s TAST each week (well I have to catch up a couple of weeks due to wedding sewing) and Personal Library of Stitches course online (another of Sharon's excellent courses) I have a rush job to make an 1830's dress and accessories for a house museum by 14th March! Was it Oliver Hardy or Stan Laurel (can't remember which one) who said "That's a fine mess you've gotten us into!! all the time. I just have to prioritise, and spend less time on this darn PC and do some work! But it is fun, isn't it, and you "meet" some really nice folks here. Oh well, back to the salt mines for me!!!

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NormaH said...

WOW!!!!! Very impressive bands. Can hardly wait to see the real thing and what my little contribution will add. Looking forward to having your work on my sampler.