Monday, April 30, 2007

A trip to the Great Barrier Reef

This beautiful twin hulled catamaran is the boat which delivered us from Port Douglas to the Agincourt reef on the Great Barrier Reef for a day on a moored pontoon. There visitors can snorkel in a controlled area, free snorkel, dive, take helicopter joy flights over the reef, float over the reef in a semi-submersible (not too claustrophobic, even for me!) or just sunbake. They serve a buffet lunch on the boat too. Most of our group of 14 people donned blue "stinger" suits to snorkel. As I'm a "non swimmer" I went in the semi-sub and the underwater observatory for my reef experience. This is our second trip to this region so we planned our activities before arriving. I still had a very enjoyable day.

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