Thursday, July 24, 2008

TIF July - Finding time to stitch

It's been even more difficult to focus on Sharon's TIF Challenge than usual this month, even for me, LOL. I make lists, and cross off jobs as I complete them, but the lists just seem to get longer and longer. I'd love to know how other people are so productive in the stitching department. Are they early risers who get all their housework finished early then settle in to stitch, do they do minimal housework like I do, or are they just superhuman, LOL? Do they have partners who like to clean, wash and cook for the family, do they have housekeepers (my dream, by the way) who take care of everything leaving them with leisure time to while away stitching? Or are they like me, snatching a few hours of stitching once in a blue moon when all other obligations have been met? The photo shows what has been my focus this month, the finished Australian convict woman costume for the Exhibition at Parramatta as worn by my youngest daughter Bron, who's pretending to spin for a photograph. The costume was my design and completely handsewn by volunteers.

I've always had a problem with time management, even in my teenage years. I was a good student until I hit middle high school when our family situation required me to be surrogate mum to my younger brothers while Mum worked to put food on the table. Study had to come after the family, and I was less successful than I had hoped at my final exams. I really envied the students who had great sporting success, were on the debating team AND were among the top students at my school. I wish I'd asked their time management techniques back then. Perhaps that should be a compulsory subject at school, I'm sure I'm not alone in this department. Perhaps it's all about less sleep and more productive waking hours, didn't Einstein only sleep for 4 hours per night, LOL?

Now I sound like a real whiner, perhaps I'm just too tired tonight. The Exhibition goes up this coming week, thank goodnes, so that's another job to cross off the long list. It's almost the end of July, and I really WANT to produce something for TIF this month. Still a few days left, and I intend to take the time off everything else to catch up and regroup!! I think an ATC will have to suffice this time, still not sure if I'll go with the colour scheme which I love, or with the theme. Let me sleep on it!!

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Anonymous said...

My wife Lynda sews for us regularly here in Texas. She creates all my long armed shirts.

I enjoy your work to study history as i am in the middle of painting a scene of Texas' 1835. Your works shown are lending me the look I wish to achieve. Thanks.