Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm far too easily distracted !

Here is my cloth doll for a recent Show Business Cloth Doll swap on Stitchin Fingers. I should be finishing the costumes for the Dancing Studio show, due next week. However, having committed to making this doll I felt the need to take a break from the costumes and finish her, after all she was naked for nearly 2 weeks while I procrastinated about which character to dress her in. I had several ideas, but for some reason Dorothy won the day. So of course, I had to make a very quick brown felt Toto to go in her basket. I made him a Scotty terrier shape, and the basket was made from a cardboard inner layer painted cream and covered with buckram pieces and a straw braid handle. Dorothy's arms have pipe cleaners inserted so they are bendy. I sealed the face and feet with a Doll Art Face Sealer medium which I bought at a doll show, then drew on the face with fine fiber pens. The ruby slippers are a gloss folk art paint in red then overpainted with a clear glitter paint. I made the blouse and dress from stash fabrics, and the braid on the neck and arms is finger crochet chain in suitable colour. I used a colour photo of a paper doll printed from Google as my reference.

The face is still quite basic, haven't mastered them yet, LOL, need a LOT more practice. I just admire those artists who can get great faces all the time, like my friend Erica P. who has faces to die for on her character dolls.

I hope my swap partner likes her dolly, and that she makes her smile when she opens the little box.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

But what a nice distraction! She's so pretty and has reminded me that I really NEED to make another doll soon!!

Margaret said...

Thanks so much for your message. Your doll is wonderful - I knew exactly who it was before I read the post, so that means you did a good job.
And I forgot to comment that Riley John is adorable. I can't help but smile when I look at that photo.
Take care, Margaret

Sharon said...

You are one talented lady Christine. I love your Dorothy, especialy the shoes. By the way I had trouble getting to your blog for awhile, so I responded to your comments on my blog,on my blog. That doesn't make sense. Anyway you will find my response on my blog. There...Wheeww! Sharon

Erica said...

thanks Christine but it doesn't happen *all* the time, I'll show you my jar of spare heads some day LOL,
Dorothy is great fun and I love her shoes, she looks ready to click her heels