Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas de-brief

Now, before you get too excited, the family did NOT all become nudists in the Christmas break, LOL. I just thought I'd take the opportunity during the holiday lull to tidy up a few loose ends for 2008.

I received a comment on a previous post asking where was the photo of my new little grandson Riley opening his Christmas gifts. I had to wait till his mum posted some on her Facebook page, so here they are.

He looks so cute in his Santa T-shirt!

Look at that earnest little face, not sure what this gift was as he got SO MUCH LOOT.

Then there were some ATCs traded with members of my Scquilters online group, 3 great sets for Christmas including Gold and White,

Christmas Trees

and Christmas Food.

And for the New Year, Let's Party and Happy New Year which have not yet all arrived. I also signed up for a Birthday Swap, so I'm expecting about 28 cards to arrive in the next week or so for my own birthday. Each person on the list makes one card and sends it to the birthday person during their birthday month. There were 2 of us on 1st January, Del is only the 3rd person I've known personally with a New Years' Day birthday. I went to school with another girl who co-incidentally had the same initials as myself, spooky eh?

The other loose end is to show you the Christmas ATC I traded with Anne L. in France, arranged by Doreen G. (see previous post) The first photo is my card to Anne, a silk print of an old fashioned Victorian christmas embellished with beads and braid.

Anne's card is a goregous cross stitched one featuring variegated stranded silk thread on a fine Aida type cloth. I'm so delighted with it, and thanks Doreen for suggesting the trade.


Doreen G said...

I thought that you would appreciate the work that Anne puts into her cards--they truly are a work of art aren't they.

Paula Hewitt said...

aaawwww - he is so cute, thanks for showing us. and seeing as you as so keen to indugle your readers requests for photos etc ...i was wondering - are you planning to model those long woolen split crotch undies for us? i hope so.
berrima is a lovely spot, and Im glad you had a nice time with Doreen - i reckon she'd be a hoot.