Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Introducing baby Seth

Baby Seth Enrique arrived a little earlier than expected on 30th December 2011, yet another Capricorn to add to our little family. We are very proud of our daughter Dianne who delivered him naturally after an emergency Caesarian section last pregnancy. It was a hard and fast labour after an induction 12 days early, but she is very grateful to the support of her doula (birth coach) Tricia and student midwife Zoe who agreed with her that the offered C section was not needed despite some horrific tales from the OB. No wonder the Australian C section rate is steadily climbing if this experience is the norm, he wanted to deliver the baby because they thought he was very small. Well, he surprised us all weighing 3.03kg (6lbs 11 oz) and measuring 45 cm long. They only stayed 24 hours in hospital after his birth as dad Steve has a month off to help with big sister Amelie (nearly 3) and baby Seth. I love this photo of the kids so much.
We are all very relieved that Seth arrived safely and mum and bub are continuing to do well at home. Now I can concentrate on getting organised for the year to come, more in another post.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

How utterly sweet!! Lucky you to have such a little bundle of cuteness to love. Congratulations!!!

Margaret said...

Congratulations to the whole family. Luckily my doctor 17 years ago had no issues doing a natural birth after a C-section. My daughter was the same weight too, 6 lb 11 oz, and now she is taller than me! So I predict a healthy life for Seth.