Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Crazy Quilting Christmas project for the kids

This is my class sample for my kids' EG group last weekend. We pooled Christmas fabrics, and I brought along sequins, beads, laces, threads and ribbons for embellishing the raw edges of each patch. There are 3 boys in the group and the average age is 9. A couple of the older girls chose to do the alternate project of a yo-yo Christmas Tree ornament. I wish now I remembered to take the digital camera to class, I really must learn how to use it so I can post up photos of their actual work. The idea of the group is to learn about textiles and fibre so we stitch, weave, embellish, paint fabric and sometimes use glue where appropriate. We attempt a small project once a month, and they usually finish most of the project before they leave the meeting. I sometimes find it challenging finding an inspiration each month, but the results from the kids are the reward I think. We have to design a panel for a group banner for the upcoming EG major exhibition next October, and one child will be selected from our group to stitch it.

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katiejayinpa said...

This is just too cool...and the story is even cooler.. your kids must love you! what a great project to share with them, and US!