Monday, October 02, 2006

I also belong to AMEA in Sydney, although I am not very active at the moment. Here are two mini quilts I have attempted. The hexagon one was completed as part of an EG basic course in 2001, and measures
6" x 6 1/2" (15 x 17 cm) and was hand pieced over cardstock shapes based on an AUS 1c piece. The yo-yo quilt is a WIP and needs 220 puffs for a 1/12th scale double bed quilt. It is currently pinned onto a piece of styrofoam so I can move the colours around. Each puff starts out the size of a AUS 1c piece, then has a narrow hem and gathering stitched around before pulling into the shape. The pattern and the fabrics came in a kit although I have added some of my own favourites as well. There is no lining or backing so it drapes beautifully. I just need to finish the wooden bed kit, and the matress, pillow, sheets and blanket... Now don't send for the men in white coats just yet, this is a long term project and the enjoyment is in the journey, isn't that what they say ? We won't talk about the 200 plus stars and 150 plus hexagons I'm hand piecing for a full scale queen size quilt, or the new one I'm thinking of starting (called Pioneer Braid) which is a scrappy quilt, to use up the leftovers from the star quilt, will we? I do like to have several projects on the boil at any one time, then when I get "creative block" I can switch projects for a while. How many creative people do you know with only one WIP at a time, I ask you? Although I did hear recently of a WIP swap, where people bring theirs along to swap for someone else's. That sounds like fun to me, I could contribute several !!!

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