Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"Springtime for Hitler" costumes

This production number from the Producers by Mel Brooks is featuring in the Performing Arts Studio end of year show in early December. I should have started 4 showgirls by now, but events have taken over my life at the moment. Hubby is having surgery on a chronic back problem on Friday and he may be in hospital for up to 7 days depending on how extensive the surgery is. So I'll be juggling hospital visits, sourcing fabric, designing and patternmaking and making the Beer Stein lady, Weiner lady, Pretzel lady and Valkyrie lady. Thankfully the Studio has provided the basic sequined showgirl leotard. I'm making the skirts and draperies and headpieces. The teachers are wearing these, so I can go a bit crazy (no rude comments thankyou!!!) so long as they are easily transportable. Really looking forward to making these ones, just have to get through this difficult weekend first. So The Schedule looks something like this:
Friday - accompany DH to hospital, send him to theatre, read book, stitch, see him in recovery, go home for sleep (yeah, right!)
Saturday - visit DH in morning, go to Burwood in afternoon with antique quilt to give talk on conservation of same, take quilt back to historic house, go to hospital.
Sunday - Open House at Linnwood (see sidebar link) start 9 am finishing at 5.30 after clean up, go to hospital.
Monday - Book ME into hospital for a rest!!!

Here's hoping surgery will be more successful on the 3rd attempt and that a fusion is not required. Recovery will take longer and be more painful if this happens, so crossed fingers and toes, laminectomy will be sufficient. Nursing is not my forte.

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