Sunday, September 14, 2008

September Update

Half way through the month already and not much stitching progress to report, apart from the to-do list, on this months TIF challenge. I've crossed several committments off one list, including the Open House at Linnwood this weekend, and teaching my YTFG class on Saturday. More about that next time.

One thing I nearly missed though, and thanks goodness I realised just in time, is that this Friday 19th September is a special day. Its INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY !!! See here for all the details. Any excuse to dress up and talk silly and I'll take it!! Could be difficult if I have another committment that day, so I might have to make it Talk Like A Pirate Weekend instead, hee hee. Last year we dressed up and went to Pirates of the Carribean 3 at Parramatta, very enjoyable and I'm sure everyone thought we were quite nutty. You're only young once though aren't you?

I promise to act my age and position (as a new Nan) any day now, but it might have to wait till next week!!

P.S. this post was NOT just a good excuse to show JD in full pirate mode!!


Pat said...

Hey, there! let's don't act our age...we need some fun..all of us! Thanks for visiting my blog tonight. I had just posted and there you were, immediately reading it. What fun! No, I don't give up either. Some days are harder that way, but I hang in there. I know you do too. Thanks for smiling with me tonight..ever so briefly....take care. pat

Erica said...

any day is a good day to show a pic of JD!!

Anonymous said...

arrrrr, it was a fun wenches outing. Can't believe it was a year ago!