Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A few of my favourite things!!

I know I promised not to show TOO many photos of my new grandson, but he's so cute!!
My own youngest (DD no.3) turned 23 on Sunday so I entertained 15 for lunch. Or should I have said Riley entertained 15 for lunch. He was the perfect guest as he kept everyone enthralled AND he brought his own lunch, VBG.

Yesterday I was Guest Speaker at an historical society meeting, where I talked for about 40 minutes about vintage underwear and showed items from my collection as well as some reproductions I've made. My original Edwardian petticoat (middle photo) has the most gorgeous laces on it, and a real c.1890's chemisette (collar shown above) has exquisite tape lace with needlelace fillings. I'm always amazed at just how much stitching and textiles are entwined in every aspect of my life.


Doreen G said...

Chistine I can see why you are smitten with that gorgeous little boy and I bet he has you wrapped around his little finger.
What beautiful heirloom pieces you have I love the petticoat.

Pat said...

Christine, Beautiful baby, heirlooms too! You visted my blog today, which I appreciate, but I must ask you...what does "chuffed" mean? Pat

Anonymous said...

He is so gorgeous! Bet he smells good too :-D

Magpie's Mumblings said...

aaawwww....I want one of those too! I can't wait to have grandkids. Riley is absolutely adorable.
oh...and the lace isn't half bad either!!