Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bushfires, babies and chicken scratch!

A bit of a mixed bag in this post, hence the stange title.

Tonight on the TV the Nine Network is hosting the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal, and it's very heartening to see that over $60 million AUD has been raised already since last Sunday for the victims of the horrific fires in Victoria. We're particularly humbled that so many of our overseas friends have responded to our calls for help. It just proves that old cliche that it's a small world and we should all help each other in times of natural disaster no matter what political or religious persuasion we might be. Thanks to everyone for your generosity.

Some of the ladies in my ATC swap group live in the fire affected areas, and one in particular Lyn D. lives in Kinglake, which was all but wiped out on Saturday night. We hadn't heard from or about Lyn, and we all feared for her and her family. Thankfully today she was able to post on our group from her work. Her husband's business is gone, and one of her close relations lost their home, but Lyn is OK. We all breathed a collective sigh of relief for our "internet friend". I can't tell you how distracted I've been since the bad news about the fires first starting coming over the TV and radio. I'm really hoping that the cooler weather we've been having since Sunday will allow the fire fighters to gain control and eventually the fires will be put out so everyone can start rebuilding shattered lives.

On a happier note, my little granddaughter is gaining weight fast, she's even started giving little smiles (no, not wind !!) to people who hold her close and make eye contact.

The past 4 weeks have flown by but my poor DD#1 hasn't been able to get into much of a routine yet. She's been dealing with a fractious baby due to antibiotics she's been taking for a staph infection in the C section wound, then mastitis (ouch) needing more antibiotics and now thrush. I remember the delights of motherhood myself, VBG. I'll be visiting her again tomorrow to help for a while, the bonus is I get to spend some quality time with Miss Amelie Jane and her mum. I haven't been neglecting my grandson either, he's at that giggling stage and starting to teethe. Poor little bloke, he dribbles constantly. Hard to believe he's already 5 months old.

Not a lot to report on the stitching front I'm afraid, my grandiose plans to stitch on the Counted Thread Band Round Robin over the holidays fell through due to our re-building work commencing, the premature arrival of Amelie Jane and the darned heat. Now it's the middle of February already, and all the usual committments are starting again. I have my first kids embroidery class on Saturday, so I think I'll do a lesson about Chicken Scratch embroidery as featured in the Stitch Explorer from Sharon B.

I'll post my class sample here as soon as it's stitched, and a photo of the class work if I can remember to take the camera on Saturday, VBG.

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Doreen G said...

Life is just too hectic at present Christine---I am finding it so hard to concentrate.
The baby is so beautiful--just like her grandmother.