Thursday, March 26, 2009

Family update for March

I'm so glad to be back, it seems so long since I've had time to post here. The re-building work is finished (finally) after 10 weeks. I know exactly how long it's been since the builders arrived the day after my 2nd grandchild Miss Amelie Jane arrived on 11th January. I'm very pleased to say that her progress has been remarkable compared to the slowness of our building work. There were many problems with the finishing off in our new 3 way bathroom and laundry, which resulted in tiler and painter paying repeated re-visits to put things right (well in our eyes anyway.) I don't think it's unreasonable to expect the new work to be as well finished as the damaged rooms were before the fire, do you? What we now have is quite modern and hopefully easy to keep clean in my dotage, VBG. Pictures will follow as soon as I can get the floor cleaned to my satisfaction after the re-grouting earlier this week!!

Yesterday I spent a wonderful lunch time with both my little grandchildren and my mother. My DIL (Riley's mum) hosted a lunch for my Mum (Nannie), my DD#1 (Amelie's mum), my SIL (with new baby Jorja) and me. Jorja is my middle brother's second family with his current partner, and very lucky to be here. Her mummy had IVF treatment, then developed diabetes and liver problems. She was delivered by C section on 11th February about 6 weeks early weighing around 5lbs. In the photo Jorja is joining Amelie on the play mat for some cousin time. I'm sure little Jorja will bring much happiness to her parents' lives.

Of course Master Riley enjoyed his little cousins' visit too, he was most interested in the girls' hair, since he has very little himself. A very happy little bloke he is too, and shared all his toys very well.

I was so glad Nannie (my 79 year old mum) got to spend time with all 3 babies. You never know what tomorrow will bring at her age, so here's a photo of Nannie with Amelie her 9th great grandchild.


Anonymous said...

cute babies - they are all so sweet. especially at this distance without crying and nappies to contend with. My 92 yo nana says 'at least i got to see this new baby before i die' she is up to 9 great grandkids and counting...

verobirdie said...

That must be a lively day when they all meet! Enjoy this family time!