Thursday, May 26, 2011

Are you a Planner or a Plunger ?

Today while catching up with my blog reading via my Google Reader I found this very enlightening post linked from Erica Spinks at Creative Dabbling. I've always had difficulty with planning, whether it's the day's activities, a piece of writing, sewing a garment or stitching. When any documentation, step by step photos taken or instructions need to be writen it's usually after at least one sample has been made up. When I try to slow down the creative process to sketch ideas etc. it usually stifles it completely. Perhaps I just enjoy the adrenaline rush of working fast without a clear idea of the end product? My 4 beautiful children who all arrived within 7 years are evidence that my efforts at family planning weren't so great as well, LOL. I don't write shopping lists either, my expeditions involve pushing the trolley up and down the aisles and grabbing the needed items. Lately however I've been buying my groceries online where I still browse the "catalogue" of store items and choose my purchases, my frequently purchased items" list isn't filled in.

So, it seems I'm not a terrible person after all, just a Plunger rather than a Planner. Which "club" do you belong to?

The photo above is a bodice detail of a recent serendipitous purchase on Ebay, taken from the vendor's listing. This 1820's babies long gown (not neccessarily a christening gown) is one of 2 that my dear husband bought on my behalf. I'm just thrilled with them both, bought for a modest amount since they are both quite old and not wearable due to some condition issues. I'm going to display them after some conservation. I've been buying quite a bit lately, thank goodness I'm not registered myself or I'd be spending even MORE time on ebay watching for rare and unusual pieces to add to my collection of vintage underwear or costume.


Erica Spinks said...

HI Christine. Glad you found my post interesting and thanks for the comment!

Mandy said...

Hello Christine. I found the post very interesting too. It was linked by one of the members of the Contemporary Quilt Yahoo Group which I also belong to.
I definitely come under the "plunger" category.