Monday, September 26, 2011

A long overdue post

It's been so long since I've posted here it's embarassing ! Hopefully the "quality" will make up for the lack of "quantity", LOL.

I've been as busy as ever in the past few months, with my usual committments with volunteering duties all over town and trying to keep up with the Intermediate Course homework at the Embroiderers' Guild NSW. This is the 2nd time I've taken this course which has been revised to look at the historical and contemporary aspects of many different techniques. And I'm still trying to fit in some theatrical costume making for an Illusionist and some reproduction costume making for historical houses. Phew, no wonder I'm tired !

Amelie isn't sure about cream cheese !

Riley loves playing up to the camera

On the family front, I continue to look after Miss Amelie (3 in January) one day per week. We're expecting another grandson in November (a baby brother for Riley aged 3) and Amelie will have a baby brother in January on her birthday ! We had a great family wedding on July 2nd when my middle daughter Colleen (a high school TAS teacher) married Adam (an electrician). I'm afraid she's inherited some of my perfectionism and had all the arrangements made by late January when school commenced despite only becoming engaged in early December. The wedding gown was an American designer gown copy ordered online from a Chinese dressmaker and we were very lucky and happy with the results. To personalise it I removed a waistline beading treatment and replaced it with rhinestones as in the original design. The theme was black and white elegance so the bridesmaids wore short black dresses and I made small dove grey bolero jackets in case of cold weather.

These professional shots from Tindale Images were amazing

The bride went from no veil to a floor length concoction I made with rhinestone treatment on the hair comb pushed in under her up-do.

Then on 21st September my youngest daughter (on the right with darker hair in the photo above) turned 26 and received a proposal and engagement ring too, but they've decided not to marry at least until Andrew finishes his degree in 12 months or so. They've been together over 12 years so a little longer isn't a problem for them, or the poor (as in "broke") parents either LOL


shirley from oz said...

What a beautiful bride. My DIL had bridesmaids in black when she married my son as well...I did not like the idea at first, but then found it was very effective when I saw it. That is a lovely photo.

Doreen G said...

Great photos Christine -worth waiting for.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lovely photos, all. Sounds like you are being 'wedding'd' like what we were this summer. Both our boys got married within six weeks of one another. Hectic times! Nice to hear from you.