Friday, November 18, 2011

I need more discipline !

No, I don't mean I'm into S and M (not that there's anything wrong with that!) I just wish I had the discipline to blog more frequently LOL. I follow several people who blog DAILY and I really envy how organised they are! But then I haven't been doing much lately to blog about VBG

We welcomed our 3rd grandchild, a little boy named Aiden James, earlier than expected on 22nd October around 11 pm. Despite the shock Mum and Dad and big brother Riley are thrilled with their new addition to the family.

First photo, just born

black and white taken by a doting Auntie Amanda

I've been busy visiting lots of specialists lately, trying to get a diagnosis for my dizzy spells and extreme fatigue. So far they've excluded sleep apnoea and a brain tumour! Will be happy to find out what's been having such a debilitating effect on me. I haven't felt like doing any of my usual things apart from struggling through my Intermediate Historical and Contemporary Embroidery course homework each month. One specialist has diagnosed chronic anxiety disorder so I'm on medication for that now. I think I'm feeling a bit calmer about everything, I even forgot about the 3rd anniversary of our house fire until I got into bed last night and remembered the date. The events are still so clear in my mind and I still sleep with a night lite (at my age !!)

With Christmas just around the corner it's nearly time to put out my display of Santa figurines again. Just have to vacuum and dust the house first, so hopefully in the next week I can manage that. Of course that also means I'm turning another year older in 6 weeks, oh dear ! Will try to post more often, I like the connection you have with people when you blog frequently.

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