Friday, June 15, 2007

Hambledon and its trees.

Here is Hambledon, nestling behind a magnificent Hoop Pine dated to the 1830's. The cottage was built in 1824 by John Macarthur as a guest house and then governess' residence for Elizabeth Farm which is situated to the East. The cottage is quite modest from the outside, but quite lovely inside with a drawing room, dining room, 2 bedrooms, detached kitchen and out buildings. We are very fortunate in Parramatta to have 3 historic properties within a short walk of each other at Harris Park. Elizabeth Farm (John Macarthur's principal residence) is to the East while Experiment Farm Cottage (site of James Ruse's farm, now Surgeon John Harris' house) is to the West in the same street. Hambledon is on the point of the triangle down in front of the other 2 properties and closest to the Parramatta River. And I am very fortunate to have connections with all three properties now, and also with Old Government House up in Parramatta Park. Through my historical reproduction sewing of soft furnishing and costumes, I get to visit all 4 properties fairly regularly in various capacities. An exciting project is beginning at Hambledon, more about that soon.

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