Saturday, June 16, 2007

A UFO finally completed.

Should that be "an" UFO ? Now I'm not known for my smocking talent, in fact this is my first attempt, with a little help from one of my EG ladies who is a member of the Smockers' Guild as well. We did this little scissor ball as a class project earlier in the year, or was that late last year ? Anyway, last weekend was dreadful weather in Sydney, cold, wet and very windy. So I pulled out 2 WISPS and a UFO. Now the WISPS are "Works in VERY Slow Progrss" I'm afraid, one has been over 5 years while the other only about 6 months. They are both patchwork projects and hand pieced, and these things take TIME so don't expect finished photos any time soon, but this little ball only needed its little needle woven "cap" and a pretty "necklace" to finish it off. I think it's too pretty to use on my scissors, so might use it on a key to the china cabinet where all the children's precious objects are stored. They include birds nests, souvenir items, decorations from christening and birthday cakes, a bottle of sand from the Simpson dessert, shells and a moth case complete with piece of twig still attached. You can probably see a bit of a pattern here, I have mini collections of all sorts of odd things in my home, including vintage underwear (Victorian, Edwardian and up to WWII mostly), dolls, china shoes, sewing machine models, costumes and accessories... you could say we need a museum to house it all.


Jenny said...

Christine this is beautiful! I agree, I think it deserves pride of place on a china cabinet key!

Jenny said...

BTW, You're it! You have been tagged!

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DelightfullyCrazy said...

Brilliant you have your beautiful ufo completed,will look stunning on display.

Tannia said...

The china cabninet key sounds perfect place for this little beauty - it's gorgeous - well done :)