Friday, June 15, 2007

Hambledon - The Wood Quilt.

While this is called a quilt it should properly be called the Wood Wall Hanging, but it doesn't sound so romantic does it? My current project, this is housed at Hambledon on the Payten Bed. Originally from England where it was used to stop drafts at the top of some stairs and still shows the original tape for the hanging loops on the rear at the top (see the area without the scallops and tassels in the background) Reputedly made by piecing suiting fabric blocks which were appliqued with remnants of dresses and furnishings which came from a royal tailor's shop in the late 1860's, but there is some question over the dating. Certainly some of the fabrics appear to be of that vintage, but there are supposed to also be remnants from family garments worn by children of the maker who appear to be young adults in a 1920 photograph. My guess is late 1800's but I'm no quilt expert. I'm a textile specialist though, and so will be leading the group performing conservation and repair work to the deteriorating quilt, and the making of a storage cylinder and bag to "retire" it from permanent display. Study groups will still be able to book viewings of the quilt but it is hoped that resting it will lengthen its life considerably so future generations can enjoy its beauty.

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DelightfullyCrazy said...

This is just amazing, would love to see closer up photos, is that at all possible???