Friday, October 05, 2007

Finger Knitting

This week Sharon B. linked to a video tutorial by Jess on YouTube (see sidebar for link to Sharon B.'s blog) featuring finger knitting. I had intended to teach scrumbling to my YTFG children's class tomorrow, but think I'd like to give a few basic lessons on crochet first. Finger knitting seems like a great alternative and Jess's tutorial was very helpful, so here are the results. The first picture shows the hand position with the yarn wound around the fingers and the end held down by the thumb, the second the work in progress, and then the finished items. The neck scarf uses 2 novelty yarns, one very hairy and the other "eyelash" style worked together. The necklace uses a metalic tubular crochet yarn and closes with a metal hook and thread loop. The bracelet is another novelty yarn and closes with a button and loop. I'm sure the kids will enjoy this one, it's quite liberating producing this with only your fingers and no other introduced tools. Thanks so much Jess and Sharon.

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