Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Roses from the Heart Bonnet Project

I've promised to make and embroider 2 bonnets for Christina Henri for the Roses from the Heart Project. I don't have any convict ancestors, so I "adopted" 2 convicts who died while in custody, since they will have no descendants to commemorate them. Christina needs 25,000 ( yes, twenty five thousand! ) colonial style bonnets for her project, click on the sidebar link for more details. It's not too late to offer to make a bonnet, the main display is in March 2008. Here is the first little bit of embroidery on my first bonnet, nothing like leaving everything till the last minute, is there? Now I've gotten started, I'm itching to complete them. Of course, they will have to wait till after the long weekend we have coming up, and the dreaded welt pockets on the vests, see post below.

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megawoman said...

I hope you have done your bonnets now. Your embroidery looks lovely. I can only do chain stitch so I have made 71 bonnets most of them with chain stitch hearts and little ribbon roses sewn on. Every bonnet is different. At the end of 2007, 18,000 bonnets were still needed. The exhibition will be coming to the UK next year so you will have a chance to see your handiwork.
Well done!