Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TAST Week 39 Reversed Buttonhole Bar

I can't believe I've managed to post TAST stitches 3 in a row! Must be some kind of record for me. Of course, regular readers will know that I hold a Black Belt in Procrastination. I should be making some clothing for a client, but I have to face some welt pockets. The sewers here will recognise that they can be a bit tricky, and that you don't want to start them when you're not completely ready, in case you ruin the garment. So instead I explored the TAST stitch on Sharon B.'s blog (see sidebar for link) and had a bit of fun. I'll face the welts tomorrow! I've used Perle 5 and 8 threads, on evenweave linen. I quite like the serpentine line, and I can see that the little multi-coloured "Aztec" style wheel might be great fun for kids to try. Couldn't resist stitching a French knot in the centre though.


JoWynn Johns said...

Lovely experiments. Makes me eager to try myself.

Mary Corbet said...

Very Nice!! I do love the circle! And the colors are fun.... Great job!