Wednesday, September 19, 2007

TAST Week 38 Knotted Buttonhole Band

Well, as promised on Sharon B.'s blog, here is a little exploration of this week's stitch. I spent several pleasant hours with this rhythmical stitch, I've really missed regular stitching. I've promised last week's stitch by the end of the week too, so will "reward" myself with some more stitching in a day or two if I get another overdue job finished.

The details : top motifs left to right. 2 rows Steff Francis silk "perle" yarn buttonhole on perle 8 ladder stitches, 2 rows Perle 5 stitches on contrasting Perle 8 ladder and the right hand one is 3 rows Perle 8 on Perle 8 ladder stitches. Below them is one row of a metallic crochet yarn on Perle 8 ladder stitches. Last but not least is a piece of Sinamay metallic ribbon used as the ladder stitches. Irregular single rows of knotted buttonhole band in metallic crochet yarn, Perle 8 and Perle 5. A bit tricky because the raw edge of the Sinamay kept catching on the thread.

HINT for next time, put a row of Scotch tape over the edge while stitching and remove carefully later to save catching threads.

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