Monday, September 03, 2007

Spring is in the air.

Rainbow lorikeets and white cockatoos wake us up every morning, even more loudly than usual, so I know Spring has really sprung around here. The wild freesias in the garden are blooming, my Kangaroo Paws are ready to burst out and the deciduous trees are taking on a green fuzz with all the new leaf buds just starting to open. Can you tell I love Spring, I gave birth twice in this season and I've always loved seeing the renewal of Nature all around me. This of course leads to Spring Cleaning. I get quite strange (well, stranger than usual!) at this time of year. I feel the need to re-organise the house, pull out weeds, re-arrange furniture and sort through junk that has been accumulating over the year. The only problem is, I really don't have time at the moment, I should be catching up on projects postponed while I was ill. But the instinct is too strong, and so today I've tidied and sorted the sewing room to within an inch of its life, moved things around and even cleaned the floor. Of course, it could have something to do with the imminent arrival of my newest baby. No, I'm not in "the family way", I just mean my new Bernina 240 machine is being delivered on Wednesday and since I am having an introductory lesson at the same time, I needed to clean the sewing room to make room for 2 chairs at the cutting table.

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