Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bob the Studio Cat

I've signed up for the "Take if Further" Challenge in 2008 with Sharon B., see link on sidebar, and today she has published a list of the proposed participants. This of course tempted me to start looking at EVERY blog on the list, some are new to me and some are "old friends" from TAST this year. This led to Vivian and her posts about studio cats. Which brings me to the subject of the photos, Bob my studio cat. Well, not exactly studio, more "former-nursery-converted-to-sewing-room" but larger than some people have. This is very lucky, as I am a horder of sewing notions, trims, fabrics, craft fabrics, patterns, books, magazines, cottons, embroidery threads.... you get the idea. I have commandeered 3 bookshelves in the hallway outside the room for storage as well as several plastic lidded bins under the custom made by DH cutting table. I have 3 sewing machines including an industrial Singer 591, 2 overlockers, an Elna press for fusing, a TV and sound system in the room and the ironing board permanently set up. Bob, who is a female puss by the way (daughter's idea of a joke) loves to sleep on the ironing board, the office chair on wheels, and is often also found asleep on (or should that be guarding) fabrics and patterns on the cutting table too. Recently she was advising me on the pinning of some pioneer braid strips on a sheet which was going along to show and tell at our quilting class. She just loves playing with pins and safety pins so I have to be especially carefull when I leave the room if she is in residence.

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Angelcat said...

I too am spending way too much time looking at all the blogs on the take it further challenge list, which is how I found you. Bob is adorable!