Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The year in review

At this time of year I tend to look back on the year and take stock of my achievements and shortfalls, hopefully not too many of the latter.

Our family had an "eventful" year, with my son getting married in February, see pictures of us dressed in our best on the happy occassion! Unfortunately my estranged father passed away, my mother became less mobile and had to cope with her 2nd husband in full time care, and 2 more of my offspring moved out of home. DH had a 3rd back surgery and we still await results from the specialist. My husband and I both volunteered more, I joined another couple of groups and served on more Committees, and took on more (unpaid) consultancy work than ever. I was able to do less paid work, however, due mainly to an arthritic neck slowing me down. Don't they say that "retirement" can be the busiest time of your life? Gosh, I couldn't get any busier and I've still got several years before the "official" retirement age, LOL.

I researched and archived a lot of creative ideas for future stitching projects during this year, and I plan to do more recreational costuming in 2008. I've even toyed (briefly) with doing a Uni course in Museum Studies. I enjoy working with the Young Textile and Fibre Group, see sidebar link, and think that may be enough for the present. It would be nice to get some compensation for all the hours I put into volunteer teaching though, so am considering formalising that area.

I've signed up for Sharon B.'s Take It Further Challenge in 2008, see sidebar link, which will be running over a month, with weekly updates on my thoughts and development. At the end of each month Sharon suggests we show our progress. There are about 150 plus people "signed" up at the moment, with a few stragglers still to confirm. "Take a Stitch Tuesday" which Sharon ran in 2007 (2 weeks to go!) was a weekly challenge with a specific stitch whereas TIF is open to individual interpretation. This could mean working in any media, your usual one/s or something new. Sharon might suggest a colour, size, shape, or just a word to get the creative juices flowing. It will be very exciting to see how all the participants interpret the theme for the month, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Now, does anyone know of a good Personal Time Management Consultant, cheap?

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