Saturday, December 08, 2007

Thunderstorms in Sydney

We've been having some really tropical weather in Sydney recently, so that we have come to expect a thunderstorm most afternoons lately. We weren't quite prepared for the "mini cyclone" that hit western Sydney on Friday, with huge winds blowing and swirling every which way, and lots of heavy rain, so our street flooded outside our house. This hasn't happened in years! No major damage done thankfully, although our neighbour was a bit worried that it would all run down his driveway into the garage and then into his in-ground pool. It hung around for about 3 hours, until a Council pumper truck came and pumped out the drains and then most of it got away. We even had a "flood damage" sign up for a while, most exciting.Can you tell it was a quiet day Friday with not much else happening, hee hee? All the neighbours came out to see the damage and wade (!!) and we all talked for a while. I risked being struck by lightning to get the first photo while the storm was still passing, but I had on rubber sandals so I supposed I would be safe enough. The second photo shows the water just before the pumper arrived, receeded slightly, but still mid calf deep at the kerb.
Doesn't the street look lovely and green after all the rain over the last fortnight? But the humidity has been horrendous!! And the yard looks like a jungle already despite being mowed 10 days ago.


Marty52 said...

That must have been quite a storm! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. You live in a beautiful neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Christine, wasn't that storm a doozy! I watched it on the radar travel the length of the state over a number of hours. After hearing the storm warning & mention of "large hailstones", then viewing the greeny coloured sky, I felt sure we were in for a repeat of March 18th, 1990 where our neighbourhood lost roofs & windows in every house. I hid this time behind shuttered windows with every electrical appliance unplugged (memories of February this year). But this storm passed us by with no dammage. I must admit we nned the rain & everthing in Sydney is finally looking lush & green.