Friday, March 07, 2008

TIF Challenge March, first thoughts

Oh dear! It looks like I'm destined to be a "late starter" again this month. Just when I thought I was making headway with committments, a couple of new things have popped up. One is quite interesting, a request to pen an article for an American needlework publication about the NSW Embroiderers' Guild Young Textile and Fibre Group, see link on side bar. The other came in an email today, a request for a Victorian mourning costume for a short film. Haven't phoned the producer yet, will do that this weekend. But could be interesting since the film is being shot at the end of April!! I still owe 2 historic costumes to my historic house job, 12 ATC's to my online quilting group, 2 colonial bonnets to Christina Henri, and I was HOPING to go away for Easter. Fat chance now, you say!! Oh well.

Back to the topic, TIF Challenge for March. Sharon asked us to "consider the small details" and offerred us the palette shown above. Now I'm not sure whether I should take the easier road and stitch something with the colours, or make something really small eg. an ATC using the theme. I think I'll have to think some more over the weekend. Must go to bed now, I have to get up early to do a community radio interview about the Linnwood Open House this Sunday, see sidebar for Friends of Linnwood blog. No rest for the wicked, as Mum often says.

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