Friday, March 28, 2008

TIF Challenge March

As much as I hate to admit it, I have to concede that the March challenge deadline is going to pass me by for the moment. I had decided earlier this week I would work to the theme Sharon offered us, to look at the small details in things. My only excuse is that lately when I have a day out I need the day following it to rest and recuperate, and it's been a hectic week (again!) No-one tells you that you slow down A LOT as you get older, VBG. I envy those folk who dash around with seemingly boundless energy and I look at them wisely and think, one day you'll be paying for that, my girl !! Oh dear, that sounded just like something my mother would say!

But seriously, I feel really naughty about missing the deadline again, but I know "Life" happens and will probably happen again to some of the other Challengers. So please except my humble apologies for not finishing, but accept my photo offering as my design inspiration. I'll try to post a March challenge completed soon.

This week we've had some really heavy dew falling in Sydney overnight, and after recent wet weather the spiders have really been plentiful in my garden. On Monday morning, this lovely web with its sparkly embellishment greeted me when I went out to feed my stray black cat. That night I went out with the camera to see which spider was building it. Wow, what a monster! Not sure what kind he is, possibly called a crab spider or something similar because of his giant fat body and crab like legs. There are 3 or 4 webs along this fence, and they are anchored to the tops of the trees or the clothes line as well. I feel very guilty cutting the anchor to the clothes line when I have to hang washing and turn the line around. But they rebuild faithfully every evening around dusk. The natural world certainly is fascinating in every little detail, isn't it?

PS Just looked him up on the "Spider Locator" website, he's a Golden Orb Weaver and apparently very common. Wonder if this kind was the culprit when my poor DH encountered a spider at face height outside one night a couple of years ago? The result was a bad fall onto a concrete path and a patella (knee cap) smashed in 3 pieces (the husband's, not the spider's !!!)


Doreen G said...

Wow Christine that is some photo of the spiders web and I would accept that as you March TIF challenge piece -it is incredible especially when you enlarge it.

Lisa Walton said...

You should go along to that exhibition we talked about - you would want to get started straight away.