Saturday, July 04, 2009

An 80th Birthday Bash

My mother turned 80 recently, and my youngest brother suggested we do something special. Mum has never visited Linnwood so a tour and luncheon was organised. Invitations were secretly designed, printed and mailed by my brother's partner. My children helped with catering and decorating the hall, and an elaborate "white lie" got Mum to the venue, a little late, on the pretext of attending a talk about vintage fashion. I had to cover at the last minute by saying that they had arrived not long after the organisers, who had a car breakdown. I was waiting for a thunderbolt to strike me down, LOL. Mum raised us well, so I'm not good at telling fibs.

Linnwood set up for the luncheon before the tour

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Mum. you know you'll have to outdo this brithday bash when she is 90 don't you!
ps i like your ribbon embroidery ATC very much - especially the woven basket.