Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Alert ! Cuteness ahead !

While I'm in a nostalgic mood (must be all the coverage of the Michael Jackson memorial service on the TV affecting me !) I thought I share a couple of photos of the progress of the grandkids.

Riley is now nearly 11 months old, and has take a few tentative steps on his own. He has about 5 teeth, and is a real little boy now.

This professional photo was taken in May, we call it his "supermodel shot"

Of course he follows Wests Tigers, a western Sydney Rugby League team followed by 4 generations on his fathers' side as well as on his mothers' side of the family.

Amelie is 6 months old this weekend, boy time really flies doesn't it !!

She's at the rolling over stage, but hasn't quite mastered rolling front to back yet, so gets quite frustrated and squeals loudly.

I think she gets her temper from her mummy, and from me before that. I was a terror when I was a teenager, I gave my mum and dad a terrible time when I didn't get my own way!

She's the happiest little girl most of the time, and rewards us with great big smiles.

There's quite a family resemblance, I have photos of myself and my other daughters which compare very favourably with Amelie at various ages, then occassionally she's the spitting image of her Daddy. And isn't that just how it should be, ? My husband and I are very lucky new grandparents, our children have presented us with adorable grandkids and we look forward to watching their further progess as they grow up.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

This sort of cuteness is what we need to see more of. Such sweet little chubby cheeks! I *want* a couple of these too!!!

Anonymous said...

I skipped right over the dolls and bonnets so i could goo and gaa at the babies. I saw a baby on telly last night and matt said 'Im so glad its too late to have another a baby - you sound clucky'. i pointed out that it's only too late for me to have a baby with HIM!!! i cant beleive how big Riley is now!

Doreen G said...

You have every reason to be a proud grandparent Christine and they are so beautiful.