Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Another convict bonnet made

A while ago I was commissioned to make another decorated convict bonnet for the "Roses from the Heart" project. This is the result, a calico bonnet for one Sarah Hurley. She was an Irish convict lass convicted of larceny (theft) in County Cork Ireland and sentenced to transportation in New South Wales in 1836. Her ship was the Pyramus which landed her at Sydney Cove in December of that year after a 4 month voyage.

I chose to decorate the brim of the bonnet with a shamrock comprised of 3 hearts stitched in chain stitch for the convict chains. 3 large silk ribbon embroidered roses are surrounded with colonial knot babies breath and 7 small silk ribbon rosebuds for her 7 children. Sarah had married another convict William Jones in 1838. They lived in both the Windsor and Parramatta districts of New South Wales and when she died in 1889 aged 75 years she was buried in Mays Hill Cemetery near Parramatta.


Gina E. said...

That is so interesting, Christine! What a fascinating project to be involved in. I had a look at the link you provided; I'd never heard of this before. Your (Sarah's) bonnet is beautiful!

Kate said...

As one of Sarah's descendants, I would like to send you a big thank you for making a bonnet in honour and memory of Sarah.

Sarah was my great, great, great grandmother, and although I am only new to family history research, I am fascinated and moved by her story.

Do you still have the bonnet, or is it part of a larger display somewhere?

Kind regards
Kate - Sydney

Christine said...

Dear Kate,
The bonnet became part of Christina Henri's project "Roses from the Heart" and has not yet found a permanent display place. It may have joined some of the other 15,000 bonnets collected so far on their recent visit back to Britain for a Quilt Festival. Christina is hoping eventually that the bonnets will be permanently installed in a display at Parramatta Female Factory or another equally suitable venue, fingers crossed. PS I was commissioned to make the bonnet by another descendant, Marie S. of the Central Coast

Anonymous said...

Thank you Christine for the bonnet for Sarah, my great, great grandmother. How wonderful to remember these poor women in this way.

Bronwyn, Sydney

Christine said...

Bronwyn, Do you know Marie S on the Central Coast, another descendant? If you're interested post again and I'll pass on contact details.

Bronwyn W said...

Hi Christine,
No, I don't know Marie, but would like to get in touch