Saturday, January 06, 2007

Counted Thread Band Round Robin-WIP

My on-line group "The Stitching Post" is doing a Band Round Robin, with participants all around the world! We decided on Counted Thread techniques which might include such styles as Pulled Fabric, Assisi, Blackwork, Cross Stitch, and Hardanger to name a few. I have decided to do Wessex Stitchery, a multi layered style using just a few very basic stitches. I took a day class in this a couple of years ago with the E.G. NSW and really enjoyed it. At the time my husband was recovering in hospital from a heart attack, luckily only one blockage treated with a stent. I felt a bit guilty sitting and stitching in a class while he was in ICU, but my friends thought it was good therapy for me and I had to agree. Do you think I got a bit carried away with the stitching on this sampler? So far I've taken 2 whole days to stitch this much. We are only supposed to do a 2 inch band or so, but I really enjoyed the stitching. I don't plan to repeat this on the other 10 or so samplers which might come to me! I'm going to let each sampler "tell" me what technique it would like on it, I might even repeat a technique with a new design or colour than previously used. It promises to be great fun, a real challenge because of the distance and especially for me because I procrastinate a lot, and end up rushing to get things finished by the inevitable deadline. Hope I can be a bit more disciplined in 2007!! New Year's Resolution there??

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Susan said...

Your band RR is looking great! This is going to be such a nice piece when everyone gets them back.