Tuesday, January 30, 2007

TAST Cretan stitch

Here is a little exploration of Cretan stitch for Sharron B.'s Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge on her blog at www.inaminuteago.com which I started on Australia Day, see post below. I got a bit carried away with the sparkle!! The top row is alternating Cretan rows in stranded cotton with a short straight stitch capping off one row in a sparkle metallic "chain" yarn. The next row uses Pearl 8 thread, I think, and I used 2 rows interlocked then threaded 2 rows of metallic chain yarn through the centre. On the left below them is a free form design using Pearl 8 again and the metallic "chain" yarn again. On the right is another free form design using a silky ribbon tubular ribbon yarn, variegated, which stitches beautifully. I explored using another metallic chain yarn to do some needleweaving and wrapping, and one leg of the Cretan has a little buttonholed section as well, just for fun. Hope to get week 5 stitch worked by the end of this week.

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