Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Australia Day!

26th January is our national day and over the years our family has celebrated in various ways. For 3 years now I have volunteered for the National Trust (a non-government self-funded organisation) at the Parramatta properties. This year I was rostered at Experiment Farm Cottage at Harris Park, where Governor Arthur Phillip gave James Ruse, a farmer convict, land in 1789 as an experiment to see how long it would take a man to become self-sufficient in the new colony of New South Wales. This year we had racks of costumes available for hire so people could take a souvenir photo of themselves on Australia Day. In previous years we had a photographer take photos and print them out on the spot, but our regular volunteer was not available. Although I didn't do a lot of business, I still dressed for the occasion. I wore my Regency inspired outfit with cotton petticoat, long over the knee stockings (socks), leather flat shoes, chemisette and gown, and white cotton day cap. I do a pretty good impression of Whistler's Mother I'm afraid, ggg, and it was an extremely hot day to be dressed in silk taffeta, but the Bush Music Band was great to listen too, the damper and billy tea and the sausage sizzle were great tucker, and just being at the 1830's Anglo Indian bungalow that is EFC was terrific. Oh, and I did some embroidery to while away the hours too, I started exploring Cretan stitch for Sharron B.s TAST challenge. More about that later.


nrm_hrrs said...

The costume and its owner is very impressive. Love the color.

Donna said...

Nice costume. I don't imagine the little fan you were holding kept you very cool. :)

Anonymous said...

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